What are “nights of transformation?”

“…What does that even mean?”

These are some of the questions I get from women, asking about the Beauty from Brokenness events. The answer? It is difficult to put a heart-pounding, tear-jerking, soul-searching, desire FILLING, peace-BRINGING, mind-ALTERING, life-CHANGING, GOD-centered moment into words, but I’ll try.

Have you ever wondered why graduating or not graduating, having the perfect job or wanting one, paying off debt or taking more on, having loving parents or absent ones, getting married or being single, having kids or not having kids, charging ahead or falling behind, having the “life” or feeling alone is never enough, no matter how you spin it? We always want more. You may think someone who “has it all” is perfectly happy but chances are, they have a giant gap somewhere. Could it be that our society has gotten it wrong? That accomplished minds, big salaries, mowed lawns, chiseled bodies, pretty social media accounts and huge friend groups AREN’T WHAT MAKE US COMPLETE?

The Beauty from Brokenness events exist to remind us that our trials and our scars are what make us beautiful, and that the more of them we have, the more powerfully God’s light can shine from within us. The events exist to remind women that no one is alone in their struggles, or too far gone to be redeemed. They exist to tell the world about the love and peace that we were designed to have. Buckle up for what is surely to become the most exhilarating love story and adventure of your life as God fulfills your heart’s deepest longings and brings your passions to life.

No matter where you stand in your faith journey, join us for a night of inspiration by hearing how God has made Beauty from Brokenness in others’ lives, and how He will in yours too.

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