Beauty from Brokenness: A Small Group Study for Young Women


Does God seem absent to you in the dark world we’re living in? Have you been through something that made you question Him? Written for young women, this book will challenge you to tackle some of life’s toughest questions:

What is my purpose?
Why is there evil?
Am I depressed?
How do I know who my real friends are?
Does God actually hear me? 

Everyone is at a different place in their faith journey. For some, faith is something they were born with. For others, it has come by way of hardship. Both make for powerful stories. Know this: The more broken you are, the more God can fill you. The deeper your wounds, the more miracles and healing that you will experience. God specializes in new beginnings, and no one is too far gone to be redeemed. He wants to make Beauty from your Brokenness. Will you let Him?

Beauty from Brokenness: A Small Group Study for Young Women is an easy-to-read compliation of 13 issues that affect young women. Each chapter includes true testimonies, analogies using modern media clips, as well as practical information on what the Bible has to say. …designed for partners or groups but may also be read individually. Each study includes helpful hints for the leader in the back of the book.



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